Our choice of typeface in this email is very important.
As marketers, we're not sending customers our words. We're sending them our selves, the typeface our voice, the email our flesh.
The stern monospaced typeface states "I could be a poet, or a prison guard."
The innocuous sans serif states "it is OK that I visit the IKEA: not everyone there is poor."
The serif is dual, donning the masks of both business and play: "I wear a wristwatch, and please pull my hair."
This is the strong customer, who desires Realmacht, who respects the quiet weaponry of greatness.
This is the weak customer, who desires Myth, and Discipline.
Though I am neat, pretend that I'm sloppy, and also call me the Sex Priest.
My Will to Power is no crime, he says. I am strong and the Marketer's terse song pleases me.
I am a simple person with predictable needs, he says, and I require your lies.
Please pull my hair, and call me the Sloppy Sex Priest, he says.
Typefaces are really very important.
So let's do Papyrus, but with each letter its own color.
Now please leave, I must be alone.
4.  Typefaces.18 February 2014.